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5 Things Every Business Should Know Before They Buy or Lease Their Vehicles. Please fill out the form to download the PDF.



7 Reasons to Lease Instead of Own

  1. Better Corporate Cash Flow: Purchasing vehicles can tie up huge amounts of capital. With leasing you only pay for what you use.
  2. Reduce in-house administrative and record keeping cost: A corporation can log many hours taking care of licensing and renewals and other record keeping tasks. Leasing Associates handles these mundane tasks so that your employees can be more productive.
  3. Fuel and Maintenance Tracking: Leasing Associates has departments dedicated to your fleet maintenance and fuel management, which cuts cost for your company.
  4. Lessor Acquisition Price: Leasing Associates has relationships with dealers and manufactures nationwide. This dealer network allows us to take advantage of special fleet pricing for our customers.
  5. Vehicle Disposal Network: Leasing Associates has a department dedicated to acquiring the best price for your vehicle. This saves you time and the headache of dealing with disposing of your vehicles.
  6. Cycling of Vehicles: Leasing Associates will evaluate an appropriate fleet cycling program, based on your company vehicle use. This will keep your company image looking professional and clean.
  7. Cost Control: A monthly payment gives consistency to your corporate budget and limits unexpected expenditures.