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Our Proven Management System

We take care of your company’s vehicles while you take care of your company’s business.

Our proven management system keeps your vehicles ready for the road, cuts your operating and administrative costs and keeps track of the time-consuming, day-to-day details of fleet management.

The reasons this system works well are:

  • Consistency – One contact to handle the whole process of managing company vehicles.
  • Management – We manage your fuel and maintenance data, which controls your costs.
  • Acquisition – Utilize our nationwide purchasing power to obtain the lowest possible price, without the hassle of interaction with the dealership.
  • Cycling Program – We will formulate a program that is based on your vehicle use, which keeps your vehicles in optimal running condition.
  • Disposal– Access to our nationwide remarketing system to obtain the best possible price for your company vehicles.

Nobody does it better!

There is not a company around with a greater ability to keep your fleet up and your cost down. This is one more good reason to lease from us!