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Commercial Vehicle Lease vs. Retail Consumer Lease

“What is a commercial lease and how can it benefit you?”

Key Differences

Consumer Lease:

A consumer lease is written by a car dealership and financed by a bank. The vehicle’s value is set by the financial institution. Terms are anywhere from 24 months to 4 years, and mileage is capped between 10,000-15,000. There are penalties and fees if the driver goes over those miles.

  • Physical Condition limitation-if vehicle is damaged or does not meet dealership’s standard, there is a fee.
  • Return vehicle at end of lease term. (Must fulfill entire lease term)
  • Each vehicle is written separately, with its own details and terms. (and billed separately)
  • Consumer must handle tax, title, and registration of vehicle.
  • Most consumer leases require some type of down payment “due at signing”-which can be rolled into lease but means higher monthly payment of $100 more a month!

Commercial Lease:

Commercial leases are different in the fact that they are structured and written by a Leasing/Fleet Management company. Fleet management companies partner with dealers nationwide and have purchasing power that they use to negotiate prices, thus transferring those savings to the customer. So, unlike the financial institution and dealership-Leasing Associates works to get you the cheapest price.

  • No down payment & Unlimited Miles
  • Better wholesale repair rates
  • All vehicles are written and billed under a master contract/agreement
  • We handle tax, title and registration, and renewals.
  • Acquire vehicle factory direct with no unnecessary upfitting. Pay less and get exactly what you want!
  • Build Equity- use proceeds from the sale of vehicle at end of lease term towards purchasing new vehicle(s).

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