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How to Lease a Car Through Your Business

When it comes to your business, you may be unsure on whether you should lease or buy fleet vehicles. Vehicles are vital to business operations, especially if your business provides a service. Servicing your customers on time is crucial to the success and sustainability of your business.

Leasing a car or truck through a fleet leasing company can be advantageous for your company. Unlike a retail lease, a commercial lease is specifically designed with businesses in mind.

Leasing a car is easy

Leasing a car through your business is as easy as filling out a credit application and getting approved. We take care of the rest. Once you are approved, we work with you to identify the exact vehicle(s) you need.

Leasing Associates works with all major manufacturers and has a network of dealerships nationwide, so you can pick which vehicle works best for your company. We lease any make and model. Furthermore, we get these vehicles upfitted and delivered directly to you, ready to go-on time.

We obtain rebates and manufacture discounts that we pass on to you. Because we purchase X number of vehicles per year, we receive special discounts that are usually greater than what you can negotiate on your own.

Be aware of the advertising that you see from dealerships. Usually big discounts from dealerships are reserved for veterans or college students, but you don’t see this until you read the fine print. Always get a quote from a leasing company to compare.

Leasing Fleet Vehicles

Leasing a fleet car or truck through a Fleet management company like Leasing Associates offers many benefits. We offer commercial leases which are different than a retail lease. A retail lease is usually a short-term lease, with mileage stipulations. A commercial lease offers unlimited miles and can be anywhere from 12 months to 60 months. (A minimum of 12 months is required)

Equity at lease end can be used towards newer vehicles and you only pay for the time you use the vehicle. Our network of dealers and auctions helps to get you the very best resale price at the end of your lease term.

What are you currently doing?

If you are not leasing vehicles, then you are either reimbursing driver expenses and letting drivers use their own vehicle, OR you are purchasing your vehicles outright. Reimbursing drivers does not always cover all the expenses that a vehicle can incur, this could discourage sales reps to go on appointments. Also, maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle is not monitored. Having unsafe vehicles on the road can have big consequences for your company should an accident arise. Routine maintenance can prevent major breakdowns, and a fleet management company can help with this.

Purchasing a car outright ties up valuable credit lines. Plus, a fleet management company provides expertise on how and when to recycle the vehicle and handles all administrative tasks, such as tax, title, and license. Leasing provides better corporate cash-flow, reduces in-house administrative and record keeping costs, and offers fuel and maintenance tracking.

If you are ready to partner with a fleet management company that can help you source vehicles at a discount, mitigate risk of major breakdowns, and handle all your administrative tasks in house, look no further. We have dedicated fleet account executives available to discuss all your options. Call or email us today. We service businesses with 2-10 vehicles up to 100, but we treat every one of our customers with the highest quality customer service.