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Car, Truck & Van Upfitting

Upfitting can be vital to the success of your fleet. Certain features enable your drivers to perform their jobs more efficiently. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process of choosing the most economical and efficient equipment. Whether your business is in pest control needing adjustable shelving, or maybe you are a catering company that needs a heating and cooling section – we’ve got you covered.

We work with a large network of professional up-fitters that offer high-quality, vehicle equipment. We have experience with cargo vans, passenger vans, work trucks, executive sales fleets, and much more! So, whatever the make and model we have the right package that will work for your fleet.

We keep your drivers in mind

Upfitting is much more than a ladder rack or shelving, it goes beyond that. We look at standardizing your fleet, so you can get volume price discounting. We look at safety measures and fuel economy. Every decision made in this process is carefully analyzed by your fleet account executive and reviewed with you to ensure we are sourcing exactly what you need.

Each year, new upfitting technology and products are introduced. For instance, if aluminum shelving is less weight we will incorporate that to save you on fuel costs. If your company is focused on safety we can incorporate reverse sensing systems, simple spot mirrors, grab handles, or a drop-down ladder instead of the fixed ladder rack.

If increased productivity is your goal, we can make sure to incorporate the correct chassis and include factory options such as snow plow prep package, heavy duty alternator, etc. All these upfitting decisions affect the number of repairs and ultimately the longevity of the vehicle(s).