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Chicago Fleet Management Services

Leasing Associates is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We are a full-service leasing and fleet management company in Chicago, IL. Our office is located 25 miles west of the City of Chicago. The Chicago branch is headed by Scott Henderson, who has worked for Leasing Associates for 22 years.

Scott Henderson
(630) 734-3800

After-hours phone:
(630) 302-2096

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Chicago Fleet Management System

Transportation based businesses rely heavily on their fleet and being able to efficiently communicate between everyone operating individual components within the system. From both small to large organizations, having an effective fleet management system is an asset that is “make or break” for the success of the organization

Fleet management systems allow a business of any size to more effectively manage fleet operations and make the management process much easier for everyone involved: from fleet managers all the way down to the drivers of the various vehicles in the fleet.

“I am writing to let you know that I just had the most amazing experience with Scott Henderson from Leasing Associates. I was unaware that Leasing Associates offered the services of leasing vans all set and road ready. Going forward there is NO DOUBT we will be using Leasing Associates.

This service is priceless — now we know how our clients feel — makes it all worthwhile. Fantastic!! We want you to know that Leasing Associates and Scott went the extra mile and we are truly grateful!

We are looking to add another truck this year and we are so excited to know we have such a great company like Leasing Associates to help us make that happen!”

Anne Amore
General Manager
Mister Sparky Electric