Geotab Device & Overview

Are you frustrated with not knowing where your drivers are? Do you have trouble with unpredictable maintenance that arises at the worst possible time? How do you know if your drivers are being safe on the roads? Are your drivers making unnecessary stops during their work day?

Gain total control of your fleet by getting insight into driving behavior & all aspects of your vehicles.

One Company, One Solution

Leasing Associates can lease your vehicles, help maintain them, monitor them, and help you run your fleet more efficiently. We can combine lease, fuel, maintenance, and Geotab to get total cost of ownership. The best part is you don’t have to be the expert. We will guide you through every aspect regarding your fleet.

If you are interested Geotab only, we will be more than happy to discuss this with you as well.

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What is Telematics?

Telematics utilizes a GPS Tracking & Engine Diagnostic Device that connects to vehicles through the OBD port. The connected vehicle port includes instrument panel information including:

  • VIN
  • Odometer
  • Transmission Gear Position
  • Safety System Information
  • Engine Maintenance
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Engine Health
  • Exhaust Information

With greater insight into your fleet through telematics, new reporting capabilities are available on the productivity, efficiency and safety of your fleet, thus driving down your operating costs.

Why Geotab?


Productivity is measured by knowing when and where your drivers are. Drivers will be paired with their specific vehicle, and this information will be input into the Geotab platform. From there, fleet managers will be able to login and look at their fleet in real time. Geotab records all driving details.

Real Time tracking- see where your vehicles are

Create zones– for office, customer locations, restricted and home

Monitor overtime- based on hours worked & time cards

Recreate trips– from any point in time

Create custom rules– create rules, get notifications/reports when these rules are violated.

Get detailed reporting from Geotab. When you sign up for Geotab through Leasing Associates we will design the best reports for you, and train you on how to use the system. Geotab is user friendly and has continuous improvements, providing the most up to date patented software in the industry. There are many competitors out there who sell GPS tracking, but be sure you know what you are getting before signing anything. As a reseller, Leasing Associates understands all aspects of GPS tracking and can help you make better informed decisions.


Optimize fuel efficiency and save moneyOptimize your fleet & fuel efficiency with GPS tracking. Geotab can actively report on all aspects of fuel consumption. These reports can help Fleet managers identify and reduce unproductive miles. Manage your driver’s routes, monitor their speeding, and idling time– all these aspects affect fuel usage.

Vehicle Maintenance

Identify core problems and prioritize your vehicles that need maintenance. Engine derived info and diagnostic fault reporting are available to Fleet managers. Proactively attend to engine issues before they turn into costly repairs or downtime. Vehicle diagnostic trouble codes can quickly identify issues.

Fuel Data

Integrate your fuel data from fleet fuel cards with Geotab to get a full insight into fuel consumption. Get side by side comparisons between drivers and vehicles and make a game plan around improving certain areas that can save you time and money. Monitor and correct any behavior that is linked to increased fuel costs. Driver behavior is by far the largest contributor to improving fuel efficiency.

Route planning

Plan your trips more efficiently and dispatch the closest drivers to certain jobs. This ensures that you are servicing your clients on time, while reducing unproductive miles driven. Drivers could be taking unnecessary stops or longer routes that you have no idea about. GPS tracking can help correct this.

Improved Utilization

Identify the appropriate number and type of vehicles needed to best fit your company’s needs. Use Geotab to make decisions for lifecycle costs and replacement planning.


Driver Safety monitoring Safe driving habits start with good driver behavior. Eliminate aggressive driving with GPS tracking.

Safety savings $$$ reduce number of accidents and reduce the severity of accidents. Reduce wear and tear on vehicles with safer driving. With the use of Geotab, fleet managers will be able to create rules or exception reporting around drivers who have bad habits of harsh braking, harsh cornering, or harsh acceleration. These poor driving habits not only impact the safety of the driver and other drivers on the road, they also create more wear and tear on the vehicle causing unnecessary repairs and downtime. Geotab can also monitor:

excessive speeding

seatbelt usage

enforce reverse parking

Reward safe driving

Using scorecards to reward good driving or gamification with a driver mobile app are ways to create positive reinforcement and adoption amongst your drivers. Incorporate safety into your company culture. It’s the best thing you can do for your employees and for the community you serve.


Starting December 2019 all commercial vehicles equipped with automatic on-board recording device’s must be upgraded to meet the new ELD mandate. ELD stands for Electronic logging device. Geotab seamlessly integrates with all compliance tools. If you are still working on paper logs and looking to meet this compliance, Geotab provides a solution.

Mileage Collection-(IFTA)

Hours of Service-(HOS)

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting-(DVIR)

Drivers can use ‘Geotab Drive’ to manage log reports. Hours of Service regulations aim to improve safety by keeping fatigued drivers off the road. Fleets that meet this requirement have lower chance of accidents, injuries and fatalities. We can expand compliance by integrating other software specific to the company’s needs. We also provide many other add-on solutions such as dual camera systems, for increased safety and protection from lawsuits if an accident does happen. Don’t wait until after an accident. Be proactive and get the solutions needed to protect your fleet.

Get Geotab Now!

 Gain total control of your fleet by getting insight into driver behavior & all activity involving your vehicles.