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Maintenance Management

Introducing our maintenance management program that helps reduce operating costs and keeps your fleet of vehicles on the road. Designed to minimize involvement of the fleet manager in daily vehicle problems while maximizing supervision and uniform maintenance procedures.


Dedicated maintenance team that works with you one-on-one regarding your fleet. They will notify you of upcoming preventative maintenance repairs, and even factory recalls.


Ability to login to our web-based portal and look at the data that pertains to your fleet. You will see upcoming registration renewals, upcoming lease terminations, and much more! A complete maintenance history of all expenditures for each unit is stored in a real-time database. Our system provides clear and concise fleet reports.


A driver can get parts and service with no hassle at pre-established prices, made possible by our national purchasing power. Our vendor network creates a consolidated billing system, and we negotiate pre-determined rates on your behalf. Our maintenance team works with both the drivers and the repair facilities directly, ensuring vehicles are serviced on time, serviced right, without delay.


Personnel expertise, combined with historical maintenance data, Gives LAI the ability to realize when a repair is unnecessary and will decline the service, if applicable.


When you combine the maintenance program with our fuel card it allows us to receive essential data (i.e. odometer info.) and monitor the preventative maintenance needed to maintain your fleet.


oil changes, tire rotation, and transmission services are pre-authorized. These PM Services and mileage intervals can be custom designed to fit each client’s unique requirements. LAI maintenance card is honored at all our national repair vendors as well as many independent shops and new vehicle dealers.

The Maintenance Management provides an easy to use system that enables you to cut your company’s administrative cost and reduce the time spent on vehicle management. With a complete maintenance history of each vehicle including exception reporting, it allows us to create a fleet replacement strategy by analyzing vehicle life cycles. Contact your Account
Executive today for a more details.