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New Jersey Fleet Leasing Services

Leasing Associates is a full-service fleet management company.

The New Jersey office is in Point Pleasant, NJ just minutes from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. We serve businesses in Point Pleasant, Clarks Landing, Bay Head, Sterling Woods, Brielle, and surrounding areas: New York, Long island, and other regions along the east coast. While we serve local, we have many customers that operate nationwide.

2608-2610 Rt. 88, Unit 4
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

Brian Murtha
Tel: (732) 714-1117
Fax: (732) 714-9992

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New Jersey Fleet Management Services

Brian Murtha manages the New Jersey branch with support from his fleet coordinator Marilyn Tomasso. Brian started in 1993 working in Pittsburgh, and then later relocating further east, to open the New Jersey branch. Dedication to customers and developing long term relationships has always been a # 1 priority.

Industries we serve– retail, manufacturing, construction, electrical, energy, and more! Leasing Vehicles provides unique advantages for businesses. Commercial leases provide the ability to customize leases to fit exact business needs. We coordinate the installation of after-market equipment, and provide ancillary services such as handling tax, title, license, and renewals. Leasing Associates works to get you the best possible price for company vehicles, utilizing our fleet discounts and network of dealers. This saves you time and the hassle of visiting the dealership.

Our Offer:

  • No Mileage Restrictions
  • Lease any Make or Model
  • 1 Point of Contact
  • Flexible leases- 12 month minimum

Call or email us today to find out more about the benefits of leasing. We have helped many customers and look forward to helping you.