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Pest Control Vehicle Solutions

Service Vehicles help your technicians get from one job to the next. Next to employees, vehicles represent one of the biggest expenses a company incurs. They also represent risk to employee safety. They are the first impressions you make on current and potential customers.

Pest and lawn professionals have a responsibility to ensure safety by carefully handling various chemicals and supplies needed for extermination and prevention of pests.  The vehicle(s) that are chosen is very important. The right vehicle helps pest control workers maintain these safety requirements and containment.

The most important issue we address is the separation of the driver from the pest control chemicals—whether that’s a van with a partition or truck with a separation between cabin and truck bed.

Technicians deal with various critters, from termites and mosquitos, to other rodents, and we know you need to focus on the job at hand, not deal with hassles from an unfit vehicle. Whether you prefer a van or a truck with a cap over the bed, Leasing Associates has the solution for your vehicle needs. Trucks are a great fit for residential service calls. We provide trucks or vans of any make or model, and we can have them upfitted and delivered directly to you.

A lot of technicians drive their vehicles home and are responsible for ongoing maintenance. Leasing Associates has a maintenance management program that keeps drivers on track with all maintenance needed. Drivers get notified on upcoming maintenance and are held accountable by the system with alerts. Reports to management on when they are completed, is also readily accessible. Most major breakdowns can be prevented through scheduled maintenance.

Lastly, your company vehicles make a lasting impression on current and future customers. Keeping vehicles clean and neat makes a difference in how your company is perceived. Your vehicle’s appearance can either turn prospects into new customers or turn them away for your competitors to service. They also make an impression on your employees and can cause lower morale if they are perceived as “beaters” or unkept.

We will help customize your lease, making sure it aligns with your business goals. We offer flexible financing. We offer fuel and maintenance programs and your account manager is readily available for all questions about your fleet. We will help determine the best vehicles for gas mileage, usability, and comfort.

Choose Leasing Associates for your vehicle needs, so you can focus on elimination and prevention of pests & environmental safety.