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San Antonio, TX Fleet Leasing Services

Is the day-to-day operations of your vehicles taking up too much of your time? Are you scrambling to source vehicles, and spending a great deal of time and effort trying to manage them? Overseeing company vehicles can be a full-time job.

Our fleet account experts specialize in helping businesses run their fleet more efficiently with little oversight from you or your personnel. Leasing Associates provides real-time solutions, that positively impact your bottom line.

If you would like to experience what it’s like to have a partner that will work with you and for you, always staying in close communication, you have come to the right place.

Chris Holmes
(210) 729-1599 office
(703) 855-3688 Mobile

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Don Mayer
(210) 729-1599 office
(210) 831-7715 Mobile

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San Antonio Fleet Management Services

Chris Holmes and Don Mayer manage the San Antonio Office. Chris Holmes has been in the Commercial Fleet Leasing and Commercial Fleet Rental Business for over 15 years. Don Mayer has been in the Commercial Fleet Leasing Business for over 25 years. Chris and Don serve multiple industries in the San Antonio Metroplex and South Texas Markets. Chris and Don are supported by the Austin Office and the corporate office in Houston.

Leasing Associates is the oldest independent vehicle leasing company in Texas and we provide Fleet Services Nationwide. Acting as your Fleet Manager, our expertise allows us to work with you to achieve your business goals. We design a program that best suits your needs including commercial leases with no mileage stipulation…One Company, One Contact, One Solution!

Why Consider our Program?


We buy a vast assortment of vehicles at extremely attractive rebates through our manufacturer discount program and pass the savings on to you. You in turn get the lowest price possible.


We coordinate the installation of after-market equipment and decals including the cost in the lease to give you a uniform customized fleet.


Our website offers you complete and effective reporting while monitoring maintenance, repairs, fuel purchases, and assists in analyzing replacement cycles. This proven system, along with our maintenance team, helps limit down time and keeps your vehicles ready for the road.


Save 5 cents per gallon at Exxon/Mobil locations. You will also have access to the largest fueling network in the country with our fuel card resulting in savings, control, and convenience.


Reduce operating cost by monitoring repairs and driver behavior while tracking route optimization through our GPS system. Improve fleet efficiency with engine diagnostic notifications.


We will track and complete vehicle registration with No Additional Fees which will free up your employees from time-consuming details of Fleet Management.


Our flexible lease has a minimum 12 month requirement and at the end of the lease you get to make the decision to either keep operating the vehicle or use the equity against the cost of a replacement vehicle. No Mileage Restrictions and  No Termination Fee with vehicle disposal.

Partner with Leasing Associates and you will discover that we are a fleet solutions company that takes care of your vehicles so you can take care of business.