Value Added Services


Vehicle Acquisition and Procurement

Each year, new models of vehicles are rolled out. There is a vast number of vehicles available- both new and used, but you only need specific ones for your business. We help narrow down the search, and find the exact vehicle you need at the lowest cost. We can save you time and effort by taking the process of sourcing vehicles off your plate.

Vehicle Acquisition Process:

  1. Select from any make, any model.
  2. Take advantage of all the discounts & dealer Incentives available.
  3. Order factory direct so you get the exact vehicle you need with no unnecessary features. Once we have picked out the exact vehicle(s) for you, the rest is easy. We will handle the transporting of the vehicles. Get them upfitted or wrapped and delivered straight to your door.

Your Fleet Account Executive will work with you to select the best vehicle for your specific needs at the best price. For immediate needs, we can purchase out of stock units from our network of fleet dealers anywhere in the United States. We can also factory order vehicles, which gives you the greatest flexibility in choosing only the options you want and offers the best value. Many manufacturers offer additional incentives based on volume purchases in a given year. Leasing Associates can apply for these incentives on your behalf.

If you require specially modified vehicles from simple racks, shelves and bins, up to custom service units on a truck chassis, we can manage this process for you. We deliver the final product built to your specifications, and your lease payments will not start until you take delivery.


Title, Registration, Taxes and Tolls

Each state has its own laws regarding the titling and registration of vehicles, including unique laws for vehicle inspections. Leasing Associates has experience in all fifty states and will assure that you receive your registration renewal on time each year. We will also retitle and reregister your vehicles if you need to move from one state to another.

Leasing Associates will make sure that your sales taxes and/or property taxes are correctly calculated and paid to the appropriate taxing authority. Additionally, we will identify any toll violations received on your vehicle. We can pay the charges and bill back your account or give you the option to handle directly with the tolling authority.

Vehicle Remarketing

Your Fleet Account Executive will work with you to determine the optimal time to sell your leased vehicle, based on many factors including mileage, maintenance expenditures, and the current used car market trends. Based on the market data, a floor price is set for vehicles sent to auction. We will contact you for approval of any auction bids below that floor. If not approved, we will decline the sale and rerun the vehicle through the auction process until a satisfactory price is received. While most vehicles are sold through auction, we can also accommodate vehicle sales to employees or other third parties. In each case, we will make sure all the proper documentation is completed for the title transfer.


Vehicle Wrap & Decals

A Vehicle wrap could be just what you need to highlight your company’s message. Consumers are highly sensitive to brand image and base a lot of their decision to buy or not buy from that perception. For consumers- perception is reality. They trust companies that upkeep a pristine, professional image; and that image includes the fleet of vehicles that represent your company.

  • Visually Appealing
  • Market your product or services
  • Professional Image

Keep your vehicles recycling and up-to date by leveraging the power of leasing.

Maintenance and Fuel Management

We understand that having a vehicle out of service costs you money, so our goal is to help you maintain your vehicles at the optimal level. We offer three tiers of maintenance programs to meet your needs, the National Account Program, the Maintenance Management Program, and Full Maintenance.

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