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Mobile Fleet Repair Services

As we move towards more interconnectedness, and a culture based around an increased need for convenience, we start to see trends. Today, there is food delivery services, mobile catering & food trucks, curb side pickup, and the outsourcing of simple to complex tasks to companies that provide an array of niche services. For example, if you want someone to come and decorate your Christmas tree and then take it down and dispose of it, there is a service for that! Our culture has either become too overwhelmed with the growing demands of everyday life, or we just love the convenience these services provide, giving us extra leisure time for things that are higher priority.

It’s no different when it comes to vehicles. We now have the convenience of mobile car washes, & detail services. Companies will now come to businesses and offer these services while you work. A newer trend we are seeing is national repair companies offering their services as a mobile option. That’s right. If your company has vehicles and it would be more convenient for the vehicle maintenance to be done on site, that is now an option.

Leasing Associates has partnered with some national mobile service providers, giving our customers that extra added convenience. Get scheduled on-site maintenance and repair.

Mobile Services Offered:

  • Brake and suspension repair
  • Door repair and backend equipment
  • Preventative Maintenance, such as oil changes, transmission fluid, and more!
  • Electrical diagnostic and repair (lights, batteries, instruments)
  • Panel patch, minor welding repairs
  • Vehicle inspections

A few of our customers have taken advantage of these
services, and they are loving it! If you have any questions about leasing your company vehicles, and adding these services, please reach out to us.

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