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Fleet Leasing Solutions

Get more for your money, with more choices

Leasing has several advantages for your business. There are no large outlays of cash to acquire the vehicle. You only pay for the time you use the vehicle, resulting in a lower monthly payment. Additionally, leasing does not tie up valuable lines of credit. Unlike traditional financing, there are a number of value added services included in your one monthly payment, and with Leasing Associates, there are no additional fees such as acquisition and disposal fees. We pride ourselves on having the most straightforward and transparent pricing plan in the industry.

Types of Leases

Leasing Associates offers both Open-End and Closed-End leases with flexible terms.

Open-End Leases

You will get maximum flexibility with our open-end (TRAC) lease.

Our open-end lease plan gives you the widest possible choice of vehicles, plus maximum leeway in lease payments and terms, including unlimited mileage. We can provide vehicle analysis and resale value estimates to help you decide whether or not an open-end lease is right for your company. This will reduce your ultimate net cost by helping you get the best possible resale prices at the end of your lease term.

Closed-End Leases

You know your costs up front with our closed-end (operating) lease.

Our closed-end lease plan keeps things simple for your company. Fixed monthly payments make budgeting easy, and disposing of the vehicles at the end of the lease term is our responsibility, not yours. With our closed-end lease, you do not have to pay the full price of the vehicle. You only pay to use it for an agreed-upon length of time, at an agreed-upon price and for an agreed-upon number of miles. You then turn the vehicle in to us and take delivery of your new vehicle. You never have to worry about depreciation, resale value or fluctuating used car and truck prices.

We will help you weigh the factors that determine whether a closed-end lease is the best choice for your company. Your Fleet Account Executive will tailor the lease to suit your needs.

Fleet Leasing vs. Purchasing

The Obvious Choice

Leasing Associates leases cars and trucks of all makes and models. We also serve a variety of industries, including: oil-field services, plumbing, HVAC, construction, social service agencies, skilled nursing facilities, non-emergency ambulance services, legal and professional organizations, and sales fleets. We can customize a lease plan for any commercial organization, whether you need a standard work truck, an executive vehicle, or anything in between.

Many business owners struggle to choose between leasing or purchasing their fleet of vehicles and while there are pros and cons to both choices, the obvious choice for any business is to lease. The seven reasons most businesses choose to partner with Leasing Associates and lease their fleet of vehicles are as follows:

1. Better Corporate Cash Flow

Purchasing vehicles can tie up huge amounts of capital. With leasing, you only pay for what you use and monthly payments for financing are often more expensive than leasing.

2. Reduce in-house administrative and record keeping cost

A corporation can log many hours taking care of licensing and renewals and other record keeping tasks. Leasing Associates handles these mundane tasks so that your employees can be more productive.

3. Fuel and Maintenance Tracking

Leasing Associates has departments dedicated to your fleet maintenance and fuel management, which cuts cost for your company.

4. Lessor Acquisition Price

Leasing Associates has relationships with dealers and manufacturers nationwide. This dealer network allows us to take advantage of special fleet pricing for our customers.

5. Vehicle Disposal Network

Leasing Associates has a department dedicated to acquiring the best price for your vehicle. This saves you time and the headache of dealing with disposing of your vehicles.

6. Cycling of Vehicles

Leasing Associates will evaluate an appropriate fleet cycling program, based on your company vehicle use. This will keep your company image looking professional and clean and can help cut maintenance costs due to older vehicles.

7. Cost Control

Our monthly payment plans give consistency to your budget and limits unexpected expenditures by balancing them over a 12 month period.

Purchasing Procedures

A significant factor in the wisdom of leasing company vehicles is Leasing Associates’s ability to purchase at extremely competitive prices. Toward this end, Leasing Associates purchases the majority of its cars and trucks from a select group of professional fleet dealers. This dealer group specializes in servicing nationwide fleets and is uniquely and distinctly structured to do so. Vehicles are, as nearly possible, delivered through a dealer local to the driver.
The most cost-effective way to acquire a vehicle is through Factory Ordering. Our Fleet Account Managers will assist you and your company in saving money by asking the right questions. Whenever time permits, we encourage our clients to Factory Order. You get the exact vehicle you want at the best possible cost and the lease is structured to fit your unique needs. This Factory Ordering process normally takes 60 days.

Vehicle Ordering

Leasing Associates has made the vehicle ordering procedure as smooth as possible. All orders are to be approved by you, the client, before an order can be placed. Once we have your authority to proceed, we enter your order into our on-line system for processing by our Purchasing Department. Allowing for the dealer handling, your order will generally take sixty days. During this period you will be provided with regular status reports on your order(s) as often as needed. Unlike many leasing companies, Leasing Associates encourages drivers to select their own geographical area (should they wish to do so), provided, of course, that the dealer is agreeable to reasonable delivery cost parameters. (Drivers have no involvement whatsoever in price negotiations and are encouraged to avoid any involvement in the sale process.)

Vehicle Delivery

Upon arrival of your vehicle(s) at the delivering dealer, your driver will be contacted and a convenient time set up for delivery. Generally, if a used vehicle is being replaced, the used unit can be left at the delivering dealer. If for some reason you are unable to wait for a factory ordered vehicle, Leasing Associates locates the vehicle specific to your needs from a local dealer’s inventory. Once a vehicle has been located and approved by you, the purchase will be completed and a convenient delivery time set up with your driver. As with factory ordered vehicles, the delivering dealer will handle the initial license and registration paperwork. In those states that use temporary tags, the vehicle can generally be delivered within a day or so. Some states require metal plates be on the vehicle before delivery until the dealer completes the registration. Usually, this can be completed within three or four days.