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our mission

Build Relationships through Commitment and Quality Service. Our Flexibility and Expertise enable us to Partner with our Customers to create Custom Leasing and Fleet Management Solutions.

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Leasing Associates is dedicated to providing the best customer service in the industry. We are a full service leasing and fleet management company, serving the entire United States. Leasing Associates provides a tailored approach by working one-on-one with your company to identify cost savings. No two companies are alike and we understand that. We are flexible, easy to work with, and most importantly we are reliable and knowledgeable. There is a reason we have been around for 60 years. We work to come up with a cost-effective combination of vehicle, lease plan and services to match your needs.

As technology continues to advance, LAI Fleet works to stay ahead of the curve. We offer the most up to date resources such as our automated systems, which include a comprehensive cost management program, fuel management, GPS tracking, and more. All of these are valuable tools but we know that the way we treat and service our customers is the cornerstone of our success. It is our philosophy that servicing our clients is primarily a people to people business. We are confident that the quality and scope of the services performed by our company are second to none.

our history

Throughout its history, Leasing Associates has maintained its founding principles of service and dedication to customers and employees. This is evidenced by customer relationships that date back several decades and many employees with twenty-plus years of service to the company.

In 1958, the founders of Leasing Associates realized that companies with small and medium sized fleets were not receiving the care and service that they needed. Leasing Associates set out to form a leasing company in Houston, Texas, with a focus on personal service and outstanding care to customers of all sizes.

Starting in the mid 1960’s, Leasing Associates expanded to encompass Boston, Massachusetts, Dallas, Texas and Midland, Texas. This expansion continued in the 1980’s with offices added in Long Island City, New York, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Los Angeles, California, Portland Oregon, and Austin, Texas. The Chicago, Illinois, and Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey offices were added in the 1990’s.



While Leasing Associates stays true to its roots, it is understood that the industry we serve is changing every day. What started out as a leasing business has transformed to a full-service fleet management company, with expertise required throughout the entire vehicle life cycle. From acquisition to disposal, the Leasing Associates Fleet Account Executive is equipped with the knowledge and back office support to provide exceptional service and advice to our clients. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your current fleet needs and challenges.

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