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Fuel Management

Leasing Associates partners with WEX to offer a tri-branded fuel card to our fleet customers. The WEX card is accepted at over 95% of U.S. fuel retailers. The card is designed for businesses to maintain control over their fuel costs. You can customize product controls such as fuel only purchases, daily dollar limits, fuel type, and no weekend purchases. Each card is assigned to a specific vehicle in your fleet. In order to fuel the vehicle, a PIN number and mileage is entered at the pump. The mileage is used for monthly reporting by WEX and is captured in our fleet maintenance system. Combining maintenance management with the WEX card gives you full visibility into your total fleet costs.

Maintenance Management

This program is designed to fully oversee the scheduled maintenance and repair of your fleet, with minimal involvement from your management personnel. A scheduled maintenance coupon book is issued for each leased vehicle showing mileage maintenance intervals. The coupons are presented to our national vendors, giving authorization for routine maintenance. All repairs and maintenance items not listed on a coupon require authorization by our experienced maintenance consultants.

A full maintenance history for each vehicle is maintained in our data base, so unnecessary repairs and upselling will not be approved. Our consultants will also make sure that the manufacturer honors all warrantied repairs, including negotiation beyond the manufacturer’s basic warranty. Our system is designed to send alerts when scheduled maintenance is overdue, whether by phone, email or text.

Monthly reporting in our fleet management system gives you all the information you need to make sure you are operating your fleet at peak efficiency. You will have access to the full maintenance history on each vehicle in your fleet, to compare cost per mile data and total cost of ownership. Your Fleet Account Executive will also use this information to perform a life cycle analysis on your fleet and make recommendations on replacing vehicles when necessary.


Full Maintenance

The Leasing Associates Full Maintenance program is ideal for companies with the need for a fixed budget. A monthly maintenance fee will be included in your lease payment, and then Leasing Associates will cover the cost of all maintenance and repairs for the life of your lease. You can service your vehicles with our national account vendors, and our fleet consultants which make sure that all scheduled maintenance is performed correctly and on time. This program minimizes vehicle downtime, while protecting you from the cost of any unforeseen vehicle repairs.

National Account Program

Our National Account Card Program is both a cost-control tool for your company and a convenience for your driver. A National Account Card is issued to each leased vehicle under this program. Using this card, a driver can get parts and service nationwide at pre-established prices, made possible by our national purchasing power. The vendor will contact Leasing Associates for a purchase order and then all service invoices are paid and billed to your monthly lease statement. There are no additional administrative fees for this program, and it gives you a tool to reduce vehicle operating costs, control expenses and encourage good preventive maintenance practices.


GPS Tracking

How do you know if your drivers are being safe on the roads? Are your drivers making unnecessary stops during their work day? Would you like to track personal miles vs. business miles?

Gain total control of your fleet by getting insight into driver behavior and all activity involving your vehicles.

Geotab’s patented breadcrumb trail tracking offers the most advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road performance. At every turn, curve, and stop, Geotab technology records all driving details and compares that data to company policies defined in the software. This allows the fleet to manage by exception and highlight if something is outside of the company policy. Place your mouse over the trip trail for details on speed, road travelled, and policy violations.

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