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Manage Your Fleet,
Your Way

Leasing Associates offers our clients a comprehensive fleet management tool whether your fleet is comprised of passenger cars, light trucks, vans, or heavy-duty trucks. We help you professionally maintain your fleet by storing and reviewing maintenance and fuel history, which allows us to make informed recommendations on the best way to maintain your fleet.

Keep Your Fleet Running

Clear Reporting and Tracking Capabilities

Preventative Maintenance Monitoring

Centralized Database for Vehicle Repair and Maintenance History

User-Friendly, and Web-based Database

Warranties Tracked for Vehicles and Upfittings

Vehicle Lifecycle and Fuel Use Management

Get Actionable Insights

The Leasing Associates maintenance management program allows clients to view analytics and predict trends with real-time reporting. Your fleet manager will be able to make informed decisions, overcome any roadblocks, and act fast to correct anything that is out of order with your fleet. This program is designed to minimize client involvement in vehicle issues while maximizing supervision of uniform maintenance procedures.

A complete maintenance history of all expenditures for each unit is stored in a real-time database. Necessary information is automatically displayed, and maintenance history is reviewed each time a driver or repair facility calls.

Routine maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotation, and transmission service are pre-authorized with preventative maintenance schedules built into the system based on recommended maintenance to keep the vehicle running optimally and avoid catastrophic failures.

Current odometer information is essential to receive the full benefit of our preventative maintenance system and produce accurate management reports. We utilize our WEX partnership to download fuel purchases and odometer information directly to each vehicle record.

Make Life Easier for
Your Drivers

Each vehicle receives a maintenance card with the customer vehicle ID to provide to the service repair shop.

The shop calls into our maintenance center to have the work approved.

Once work is complete, the driver goes on their way. No need to keep up with receipts or reimburse your drivers since we bill your company for all invoices incurred each month with one simple invoice from Leasing Associates.

Your drivers can go to any national account repair shop such as Jiffy Lube, Discount Tire, Firestone, NTB, and all other major repair shops. We can even work with a local shop you prefer. Just contact our Maintenance Team to get them set up.

Lower Administrative Costs

Eliminate paperwork by keeping virtual records of registrations and business use certificates.

Setup notifications and stay organized with preventative maintenance reminders, and more!

Leasing Associates
Maintenance Management
Program is Effective

Drivers have direct access to knowledgeable ASE-certified maintenance consultants regarding all facets of vehicle maintenance/repair and coordination with nearby, reputable service facilities nationwide.

Manufacturers’ warranties are enforced, and nationwide warranties are provided through our network of national account vendors.

A replacement projection report keyed to client-supplied mileage and time limits is provided quarterly.

Proper and consistent preventative maintenance reduces overall vehicle repair costs and increases the resale value.

The program eliminates the involvement of client personnel in price, service, and vendor negotiations, including authorization of repair and cost, review, and payment of vendor invoices.

Get all of this for less than the cost of a McDonald’s breakfast per vehicle/per month.