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6 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Hurricane Season

  • Maintenance Matters
    • Regular maintenance of your automobile is crucial to its longevity and safe operation.
  • Fuel-Up
    • Gas usually becomes a hot commodity when a storm is approaching, so you can prevent waiting in long lines by always keeping your tank half-full or above, and by properly storing extra petro for your vehicle or gas-powered generator.
  • Keep Insurance Current
    • Make copies of your auto policy – or policies, if you have more than one vehicle – and keep in the car’s glove compartment. This can be very handy in case of an evacuation and in the event of an accident.
  • Stock up on supplies
    • You should always have a prepared emergency kit that includes first aid items and medications you or your family might need.
  • Add Food, Cash and Clothes
    • Store a suitcase or canvas duffle bag with at least one change of clothes and shoes for each member of the family. Include personal hygiene items, copies of identification and important phone numbers.
  • • Seek shelter for your car
    • Whether you are riding out the tropical storm or hurricane at home or you’re headed inland, protect your vehicle in a covered garage, if possible. If you do not have access to a garage, try parking your car near your dwelling or shelter, but not under balconies or signs that are prone to fall in high winds.