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Houston Fleet Management Services

Leasing Associates is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We are a full service leasing and fleet management company, in Houston, TX. Leasing Associates provides all the services your company will need to operate a fleet of vehicles. We make it easy to come up with a cost-effective combination of vehicle, lease plan and services to match your needs.

Despite the broad capabilities of our automated systems, which include a comprehensive cost management program, we contend that the fundamental basis for our success is our philosophy that servicing our clients is primarily a people to people business. We sincerely believe that the quality and scope of the services performed by our company are simply second to none.

Leasing has several advantages for your business. There are no large outlays of cash to acquire the vehicle. You only pay for the time you use the vehicle, resulting in a lower monthly payment. Additionally, leasing does not tie up valuable lines of credit. Unlike traditional financing, there are a number of value added services included in your one monthly payment, and with Leasing Associates, there are no additional fees such as acquisition and disposal fees. We pride ourselves on having the most straightforward and transparent pricing plan in the industry.

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Houston Fleet Management System

Transportation based businesses rely heavily on their fleet and being able to efficiently communicate between everyone operating individual vehicles within the fleet. From both small to large organizations, having an effective fleet management system is an asset that is “make or break” for the success of the organization.

Fleet management systems allow a business of any size to more effectively manage fleet operations and make the management process much easier for everyone involved: from fleet managers all the way down to the drivers of the various vehicles in the fleet.

Vehicle Tracking

All fleet management systems need a way to track vehicles. The type of tracking used will vary from system to system (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, cellular triangulation). Regardless of the tracking method used, tracking involves identifying a vehicle’s location, direction and speed, as well as other metrics and information designated by each organization.

Vehicle tracking is a critical component for fleet management systems, because it allows fleet managers to see exactly where each vehicle within the fleet is located and how long it will take each vehicle to reach its destination. This provides fleet managers with more information that will enable them to make more informed decisions about their next trip.

Analyzing Driver Behavior

Using the vehicle tracking system, fleet managers are able to establish “driver profiles” for each driver in their fleet. Depending on the complexity of the fleet management system and the on-board computer within the vehicle, managers will be able to track data like average speed, number of detours, frequency of breaks/stops, use of brakes, shifting habits, and much more.

This gives companies a better understanding of the drivers within their fleet and how they positively or negatively impact the overall efficiency of the fleet.

Reliable & Consistent Contacts

When introducing a professional fleet management system into your business, you’ll gain access to reliable contacts to call upon when you have questions or need additional information. Communication is kept as simplified as possible to make it easier for your organization to get the information and answers you need.

Professional Management

Professional managers of a fleet management system will be able to thoroughly manage fuel consumption, costs, and other maintenance data that will impact the bottom line of your business. When you are able to properly track various metrics within your business, you’ll be able to make better informed decisions about your fleet.

Access to Nationwide Purchasing Power

When working with Leasing Associates, you’ll gain access to our nationwide purchasing power that will improve your acquisition capabilities. A better purchasing power allows you to gain the lowest possible price, without the hassle of dealership interaction. By utilizing our acquisition capabilities, you’ll save more money when purchasing vehicles.

Optimal Vehicle Efficiency

Utilizing vehicle tracking and analyzing the performance and habits of vehicles and drivers, we’ll be able to formulate a specialized program that will improve vehicle efficiency. Analyzing driver habits and understanding your company’s vehicle use can greatly increase the longevity of each vehicle. Keeping your vehicles in optimal running condition is critical for reducing costs by allowing you to get better mileage out of each vehicle.

Efficient and Cost Effective Disposal

Every transportation based business will need to cycle out vehicles at some point. Whether it’s because you are upgrading your fleet to more efficient vehicles, or you have new business goals that require different forms of transportation, being able to cycle out vehicles is an important aspect of a fleet management system.

With access to our nationwide remarketing system, you’ll be able to get the best possible price for all of your fleet vehicles within your company. That means we’ll not only help you get the best usage out of each vehicle, but we’ll also help you save money as you transition them out of your company to make room for newer and more effective vehicles for your fleet.

Employing the use of a professional fleet management system not only makes a transportation business easier to operate, but helps to improve the bottom line, reduce accidents, and operate more efficiently. If you are not currently utilizing all of the benefits of a fleet management system, give us a call today and we’ll help you determine whether or not a fleet management system is ideal for your business, regardless of how small or large your fleet is.

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