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The Fees Add Up!

There are late fees, service fees, additional fees, and even miscellaneous fees! As frustrating as it is, the fees add up! And, often, we get charged additional fees for an otherwise straight forward service. Companies can be deceiving in the beginning, and once they gain your business, you find out that there are hidden fees. It’s a super frustrating situation, and sometimes ends the partnership, altogether.

Commercial Vehicle Lease vs. Retail Consumer Lease

“What is a commercial lease and how can it benefit you?” Key Differences Consumer Lease: A consumer lease is written by a car dealership and […]

Mobile Fleet Repair Services

As we move towards more interconnectedness, and a culture based around an increased need for convenience, we start to see trends. Today, there is food […]

Don’t Take The Bait! Save Money With Leasing Associates

When it comes to upgrading your service fleet, most small companies don’t have piles of cash lying around. Plus, banks are tighter and charging a […]

The Benefits of Fleet Leasing for Small Businesses

For any small business owner, acquiring a fleet of vehicles and overseeing their management can be a full-time job. At Leasing Associates, our mission is […]

Benefits of a Fleet Management System

Every business has operational elements that require a lot of time, energy and highly coordinated logistics. For some businesses they may be more involved than […]

Our Proven Management System

We take care of your company’s vehicles while you take care of your company’s business. Our proven management system keeps your vehicles ready for the […]